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This Gross Income Calculator below is a sophisticated yet user-friendly tool designed to offer you a comprehensive overview of your monthly earnings. By seamlessly integrating primary income with multiple additional sources, this calculator provides a holistic picture of your financial inflow. 

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Features and functionalities of this Gross Income Calculator

Currency Selection: You can select their desired currency from options like USD, EUR, and GBP. This Gross Income Calculator will be updated with more currencies.

Monthly Input: The calculator allows you to select the month for which they are calculating their gross income.

Primary Income: You can enter their primary income.

Additional Income Sources: Apart from the primary income, you can also add:

Rental Income
Business Income

Custom Income Field: You have the flexibility to add custom income fields if you have other sources of income that are not listed.

Result Display: Upon clicking the “Calculate” button, the calculator displays the you gross income with the selected currency symbol. Additionally, a breakdown of all income streams is shown.

Visualization: The calculator provides a bar chart visualization showing the gross income breakdown for different months of the current year.

Local Storage: The calculator stores the gross income data for different months in the browser’s local storage. This helps you track your income over time without the need for server-side storage.

Currency Formatting: The calculator automatically updates the displayed currency symbol based on the selected currency, providing a localized experience for you.

Data Validation: The calculator ensures that all input values are non-negative before performing calculations.